Sunday, April 27, 2008

Barack Obama Is A Racist and, Worse, a Social Democrat and a Progressive

Howard S. Katz has just written blog that argues that Barack Obama is a racist:

"...Barack Obama is a racist. He sees white people through the prism of hate. He sees them in clich├ęs...So now we know what the election of 2008 is really about. The Democrats may nominate a racial bigot who hates the large majority of the people in the country he is trying to lead. The campaign will be very simple. The Democrats probably won’t come right out and say it, but their position will be, “We hate America...

"I first met these people at Harvard in the late 1950s. The issue has nothing to do with black or white. They hate America because America is the country based on freedom. They are not liberals. Neither are they democrats (with either a lower or upper case “D”).

"The formal name of these people is Social Democrat. This was a movement founded in 1875 in Germany to prevent the ideas of freedom and democracy from advancing across the continent of Europe. In 1912, the Social Democrats took control of Germany and fomented W.W.I. Then another Social Democrat, named Adolph Hitler, fomented W.W. II.

"...This will be the Presidential campaign of 2008. The Democratic position will be, “We hate America.” The Republican position will be mealy-mouthed compromise. And the people of the world run around killing each other over the food which does not exist"

There is little doubt in my mind that Barack Obama represents a fringe element. There is also little doubt that the Democrats who back him, such as George Soros and Warren Buffett, are anti-American bigots.

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