Sunday, April 27, 2008

Barack Obama and the Republicans

Following three decades of Republican complicity with leftist occupation of our educational system, these spring chickens are coming home to vote for Barack Obama.

Lance Fairchok of American Thinker has an excellent blog (hat tip Larwyn) about Barack Obama's advisors. Barack Obama is not just a befuddling liar. Most twenty-first century politicians can be so described. What distinguishes Mr. Obama is his close association with a catalog of extremists, to include his pastor, Jeremiah Wright, who is obsessed with identity politics, and William Ayers, a founder of the Weathermen in the 1960s.

As I have previously blogged, the close association between Obama and the identity politics fringe of the Democratic party is important because he will select high level staffers from among his extremist catalog. Fairchok performs a public service by pointing out that Obama is:

-supported Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua
-associated with Frank Marshall Davis who is in turn associated with the Communist Party USA
-has hired Sam Graham Nelson, a writer for Socialist Viewpoint, to run an Obama blog

None of this surprises. If you catalogued the staff members of the Democratic Party state assemblies around the country, or catalogued the leadership of various education departments around the country, you would find similar kinds of economic illiterates in important government jobs.

The problem is with the Republican Party as much as the Democratic. I attended a meeting of a Department of Education accrediting agency several years ago and was dismayed to find the Bush administration's Department of Education dominated by the very kind of extremists who would look to a Bill Ayers for guidance. Rather than terminate the Department of Education as any competent conservative would, three Republican presidents, Reagan, Bush I and Bush II, have used it as a patronage plumb and have permitted left wingers to dominate its culture.

Rather than insist that colleges teach more than the left wing version of social science, Republicans have remained mostly indifferent to the occupation of our universities by extremist kooks like Ayers.

Rather than appoint Diane Ravitch to an important policy position, the Republicans have remained silent as left wing indoctrination occurs in elementary schools around the country, specifically to include New York's. I am intimately familiar with New York's because I teach in a public New York university, and if you have any doubt that large numbers of New York City elementary school students have been brainwashed in stupid, Marxist lies rather than educated please allow me to quell your doubts.

The Republicans have remained silent while the left has occupied our cultural institutions. Instead of complaining, the Republicans have viewed the left wing imperialism as a foundation to expand patronage opportunities.

With Barack Obama, the chickens are coming home to roost. America's public has NOT been educated in the founding principles. The concept of limited government is alien to most American school children. The concepts of self reliance and individualism on which progress depends have been neglected. America's young believe that the way to succeed in life is to steal. As a result, they flock to the likes of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

By its indifference to the domination of our political institutions by left wing thugs and criminals the Republican Party has fostered the situation.

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