Sunday, July 22, 2018

How the Democratic Party Has Caused Upstate New Yorkers to Flee

Upstate New Yorkers flee in large numbers.  According  to Jeff Platsky of the Binghamton Press and Sun-Bulletin. (h/t Glenda McGee),  84 people leave Broome County each month, 39 leave Chemung County, and 29 leave Tioga County.   

Platsky observes that every single county along Route 17 from Orange County to Pennsylvania has declined in population over the past decade; moreover, in upstate New York overall, 42 of 50 counties lost population.  Route 17 runs along the state's southern rim, known as the Southern Tier, which borders Pennsylvania. 

The reason is simple: lack of jobs. Yet, the Democratic Party has prevented  fracking in the Marcellus basinwhich would have created thousands of jobs.  Instead, the jobs went to Pennsylvania.  Meanwhile, New York has the worst income inequality in the country--and the highest electricity rates.

Much of the protest against fracking has been misguided. For instance, Youtube  carries several videos of people who are able to ignite their tap water. The video makers claim that the problem was caused by nearby fracking. 

I asked a colleague at Brooklyn College about the videos.  The colleague, Constantin Cranganu, is a geologist who has written books on fracking. He told me that the water was catching on fire before the fracking and that fracking cannot possibly cause this, in part because the fracking occurs at a depth of over a mile while the water well is 100 or 200 feet deep.  Thousands of tons of rock separate the well from the fracking drill. 

Yet, meshuggener Democrats show this video to each other and proclaim that they wear the mantle of the one settled science, courtesy of Youtube, Bill Maher, and Al Gore. 

Writing in Forbes in 2015, Jude Clemente notes that New York's natural gas consumption had risen by more than a third, to 60% of its entire energy generation, but the state cut its natural gas production in the interest of ideological purity. The anti-fracking proponents are rich Democrats who work in tax-subsidized businesses: academia, government, law, and health care.  They have no qualms about forcing blue collar laborers into permanent unemployment. 

The handful of upstate counties that have gained population in New York mostly have been the ones surrounding Albany, seat of New York's bloated state government, or college towns. 

Platsky notes that there have been plenty of bureaucratically inspired, state-subsidized development schemes, all of which have failed.  

The exit of manufacturers like IBM and GE in the 1980s has not been followed by the kind of innovation that occurs in a free market economy. New York's high tax rates and totalitarian regulatory regime have inhibited entrepreneurship.  Retirees have little incentive to stay because of the cold climate and high taxes. 

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