Friday, December 15, 2017

My Quote Today in the Christian Science Monitor

I was quoted today in the Christian Science Monitor on the subject of removing statutes of Columbus and Roosevelt.  The left-wing movement to do so reflects a direct assault on American culture and history.  Harry Bruinius of the Christian Science Monitor writes:

“A common fallacy in history is to attribute current beliefs and moral interpretations to historical actors,” says Mitchell Langbert, a professor at the Koppelman School of Business at Brooklyn College. “The past needs to be understood in its own terms, and the effects of admittedly brutal historical actors like Columbus are not in the immoral things that they did … but in one or two unique things they did that changed their world.”
“Roosevelt is another story, because he was one of the good guys, relatively speaking,” argues Professor Langbert, noting the progressive Republican’s 1905 speech on the state of race relations, when he warned an audience at the New York City Republican Club: “The debasement of the blacks will, in the end, carry with it the debasement of the whites.”

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