Monday, March 31, 2014

The Science Is Settled: What's Interesting about the American Media Is What It Doesn't Talk About

I was privileged this past Saturday to join Lincoln Eagle publisher Mike Marnell on Scott Harrington's Speak Out show on WKNY, Kingston, NY.  We discussed education and politics; I posted the interview here.  WKNY is a great local music station that plays close-to-nonstop soft rock.  Since they had me on the air, I've been listening to their programming. The soft-classic rock format is great, but the station is an affiliate of ABC News.  As a result, I've inadvertently heard a few of the ABC newscasts, which breaks one of my personal moral rules: Do not listen to the media.  Most of what ABC discusses is irrelevant.  What caught my attention was their blaring claim: "The debate is settled: There is global warming." Well, that's all well and good because there has been a global warming for the past 10,000 years, since the last Ice Age, as the chart below shows.

As I mentioned on the radio show, the useful information to be gained from listening to the media is to learn what it doesn't talk about.

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