Thursday, February 20, 2014

Obama and the Jay Leno Firing: Will Comcast Comment?

Sent: Thursday, February 20, 2014 12:02 PM
Subject: Jay Leno Firing
Dear Comcast Media Department:

I write for a newspaper in Kingston, NY, The Lincoln Eagle, and the publisher is interested in a story about the link between Comcast’s contribution to the Obama campaign and the firm’s decision to fire Jay Leno following his Obama jokes.  I would be interested in a comment from Comcast. There has been coverage of this claim in several blogs (  , , and ). 
My day job is that of a college professor, but I am a libertarian.  I haven’t watched television news  or commercial television outside of the premium channels on demand since 2008. I have  been intending to terminate my cable service, but my wife has deterred me until now.  However, her brother, a physics professor, has terminated his.   In my case my motivation for wanting to terminate cable service is a combination of cost and politics.  I watch on demand because I can screen out the Progressive programming and the propaganda-cum-news. I consider American news to have the same content value that Pravda and Izvestia had in the Soviet Union. I haven’t watched television news, including NBC, since 2008. and Netflix have sizable on-demand portfolios, yet there is little reason for me to catch the latest episodes of the premium stations’ videos, so your business model and my $350-per-month bill to Time Warner are likely ephemeral.  I would rather watch Hitler’s Nuremburg rally than NBC news, and I don’t see a distinction between Obama and Hitler or between the Soviet news service and NBC.
I would appreciate your comments on the stories about the Jay Leno firing and any other points that may address my concerns about persistent bias and the laughable responsiveness of NBC to  Washington's totalitarians.

Mitchell Langbert, Ph.D.

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