Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bliss Is Better Than Ignorance

A friend has been up in arms about slanted, pro-Obama coverage.  It is not that the media is liberal, corporatist, or mainstream.  The media is a dumb wasteland.  I advised her to avoid making herself ignorant and turn off the TV or close the newspaper forever.

M, why watch the bozos on television?  You know that they are propagandists, and often ignorant ones.  Why waste your time with the likes of the guy you’re writing to (whom I’ve never heard of, incidentally, and I am happy about it).  You know that the television, radio, and print sources are, with few exceptions, sources of lies, propaganda, ignorance, and stupidity—usually all of them combined—so why help their ratings by watching them?    I haven’t watched television or read a Wall Street-linked newspaper in years, and I am better informed for it. 

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