Wednesday, May 15, 2013

When You Voted for Obama You Thought You'd Get Something for Nothing...Instead You Got Nothing for Something

I just sent this email to Congressman Chris Gibson:

My wife’s dental surgeon in Kingston just told me about the Obama administration’s confiscation of phone records of the Associated Press. I think of AP as a pro-Obama propaganda enterprise, so this was akin to a Stalinist purge. It comes on the heels of revelations of illegal IRS harassment of Tea Parties.  The Institute for Justice (see below) is now saying that the abuses go to higher levels than have been revealed in the pro-Obama media (including AP).  Mike Huckabee has called for an impeachment hearing with respect to Obama’s Benghazi embassy cover-up.  The targeting of dissenters for IRS harassment strikes me to have been as serious as the administration's cover-up of Obama's allowing our ambassador and his staff to be killed.

It is time for a Congressional call for an investigation and an impeachment hearing.  Obama’s ongoing abuses are akin to the early stages of Hitler’s Nazi regime.  

After years of the media's demonization of the Tea Party, it turns out that the real terrorist is in the White House.  For instance, a few years ago Mike Bloomberg claimed that a bomb found in the Times Square area had been placed by a Tea Party member.  It turned out that it hadn't been.  Similarly, a colleague who comes from the left recently said that he had heard that the Boston Marathon bombing had been done by a Tea Party member. The lies about and demonization of the Tea Party in the American media are evidence that the Tea Party was threatening to the Wall Street-big government establishment in a way that only the most extreme left-wing movements are.  Nevertheless, the Tea Party was never an extremist movement.  Unlike the lies in the HBO show The Newsroom, it was never funded by wealthy donors, including the Koch family. It was always a moderate, middle class movement whose ranks included ordinary homeowners and taxpayers. We live in a nation where moderate protest is viewed as an extremist threat, and an extremist, narcissistic president who uses the IRS to target the protestors is called a savior.  

The media has lied consistently and thoroughly about both Obama and the Tea Party. The media is serving as a Wall Street-big government propaganda agency, not as an information source. Focusing on current events is a waste of time because impartial, accurate information is impossible to acquire.

Recently, I was in Nashville, where I feel much more at home than in the North.  When I hang out in a bar in Port Authority on the way home from Brooklyn to upstate New York, I disagree with three quarters of the crowd.  When I hung out in a bar in Nashville,  I agreed with three quarters of the crowd.  If I could do it over again, I would have gone to college and relocated in Tennessee.  Because of northern prejudices, though, I wouldn't have considered doing that in the 1970s and '80s. Pretty much everything I learned as a child has been wrong. 

While conversing with a few guys at the bar, someone agreed almost completely with the libertarian point of view, but he said, "I don't want to be an extremist like John Stossel; I want to be a moderate like Bill O'Reilly."   The individual has been brainwashed. O'Reilly is not a moderate. Just because he says he wants to find a middle path between the Democrats and Republicans doesn't make him a moderate.  He's a big government extremist. The Democrats and Republicans are two fascist-style, big government parties that support America's vampire economy.

Stossel is the moderate. He is in support of a level of government spending that was characteristic of the United States during the halcyon 1950s.  The country started collapsing and the real hourly wage started stagnating in the late 1960s, almost immediately following LBJ's expansion of government.

From the Institute for Justice

 >We have documented how severe the IRS abuse of power is – making unconstitutionally invasive demands of citizen-led groups.
We have detailed how this intentional targeting of conservative groups is still ongoing – 10 of our clients are still tied up in admittedly improper, onerous IRS inquiries.
Congress, and now the Justice Department, are investigating the draconian actions of the Obama Administration's IRS.
Join tens of thousands of Americans in demanding the IRS end its unconstitutional abuse today. Add your name before Friday's congressional hearing.


Jeff S. said...

The IRS is also facing a class action lawsuit for improperly seizing 60 million medical records from 10 million Americans, including medical records of all California state judges.

Anonymous said...

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety”

You do not comment on the Patriot Act or FISA. You attack Obama on ethnic grounds, (example birth certificate) or on issues which are imaginary echoing in the right wing echo chamber. But there are far more important policy grounds where he is vulnerable for criticism. And you are silent.

Mitchell Langbert said...

I've commented on the Patriot Act, for example in 2009:

I do not attack Obama on "ethnic grounds," and I resent that claim. I attacked Obama on integrity grounds when he refused to divulge his birth certificate. That is not a matter of ethnicity; it had nothing to do with ethnicity. That is the kind of lie that the media spawns to attack anyone who rejects their failed ideology.

In other words, anyone who refuses to share their birth certificate is a racist. That is is as true as saying that anyone who demands information about a candidate is a racist.

I have been silent about politics for quite a while because I have concluded that there is no access to information, or the information the media presents is inaccurate. Therefore, it is a waste of time to discuss politics because the information is either factually incorrect or outright lies.

As far as Obama, the "When You Voted for Obama" blog did not discuss the birth certificate, and it did mention other issues. It's a waste of time to endlessly debate stories that we've heard on television or in newspapers because television and newspapers are owned by the chief beneficiaries of Obama's and the US government's policies, so they are slanted and inaccurate.