Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Agenda 21 Materials

Tom Sipos of Hudson Valley Focus interviewed me this morning on WKIP Poughkeepsie talk radio.  The topic was Agenda 21.  Tom asked that I post some links to educational material concerning Agenda 21. Incredibly, there are people who believe that Agenda 21 is a conspiracy theory. As I mentioned on the air, that claim is the conspiracy theory.  Agenda 21 is as real as you and me.

Here are some useful educational links:


Doug Plumb said...

Do you know anything about the "creative destruction" doctrine ?

I think its time people learned the difference between the law and the legal system. Then we could have public favor and understanding in the idea of exporting our attorneys and politicians - maybe The City Of London ?

Who says we can't export anything?

Then we could print money based on the honesty and good faith of the American people. The teaching of reason, ethics and law in schools (instead of ecology, Marxism, and ethical relativism) could solidify the value of money. Our gold and silver could be used to make jewelry.

Doug Plumb said...

Freedom advocates is a great source. It has the Agenda summarized in documents of various lengths and is very well presented.