Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What Is to Be Done?

I just sent this email to an acquaintance who lives in my county and who asks what is to be done:

The conservative movement hasn’t been successful, and the Republican Party has proven itself to be an enemy of liberty much like the Democratic.   One stumbling block is public opinion.  It is not unlike the fall of Rome.  By the first or second century few people living in Rome had any understanding of the republican form of government. They had immigrated there from the conquered provinces, and if they chose to remain in Rome often it was often because of the welfare benefits that Augustus and his successors had developed (bread and circus: free grain, free entertainment, free food).   

America has increasingly become a nation of beggars and welfare cheats; there is little understanding of Jeffersonian individualism, especially among those educated in New York’s and similar public schools; increasingly, Americans are motivated by lust for subsidies and handouts. This starts at the top--on Wall Street.  If the public was comfortable with the bailout and with the monetary policies that have been pursued since ‘08, there is no limit to how much wealth transfer they will accept. 

This is not the America of Jefferson,  of Grover Cleveland, or even of Franklin Roosevelt.  I do not think there is much hope for democratic change.  Secession, nullification, or a breaking off of freedom-loving Americans in a new polity are possible paths, but they can’t be executed now.   Relocation to another country is feasible now, and I am planning at least a partial relocation.  

To do more, there will need to be a further breakdown in federal power.  That might occur as the dollar falls to ever lower levels and America finds that the federal government is not sustainable. That might happen within our lifetimes.  I’m sorry to say it, but there needs to be more chaos before anything important can happen.  Rather than waste time with political activity, it might be more useful to spend your time educating yourself, building a game plan, and winning over others to a vision of an alternative.  There is no point in defending an American system that already has disappeared.  


Doug Plumb said...

Learn the difference between legal and lawful.

Most movies on the topic are about 20 % correct, the remaining 80 % based on conjecture of the author.

The movie "Bursting Bubbles OF Government Deception" is quite good, give it a few minutes before you shut it off. First impressions are not everything.

Research docs such as the NDAA, and Ecoscience by John Holdren.

Show your friends, ask them what they think.

Doug Plumb said...

I absolutely believe that if more people knew that we know whats going on this whole thing would stop. Arrests would be made. Right now if arrests were made, the arrestors would not have public support. I think its what may happen anyways to bring in a military dictatorship.