Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Letter to Larry Mone of the Manhattan Institute: America a Pig State

PO Box 130
West Shokan, NY 12494
December 19, 2012

Larry Mone
Manhattan Institute
52 Vanderbilt Avenue
New York, NY 10017

Dear Mr. Mone:

Thank you for your fundraising letter of December 4.  I think highly of much of what the Manhattan Institute has done.  Examples are Brian Anderson's book on political theory, which I reviewed for the Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, and Theodore Dalrymple's essays.  Since 2008, when I last contributed to the Manhattan Institute, I have concluded that the United States is in worse shape than I had thought.  The days of a republican United States will not return, nor will the American tendency toward an oligarchic, dictatorial system reverse.

I hold the Manhattan Institute's perspective partially responsible for America's decline into oligarchy.  American conservatism is rooted in Republican federalism whereby the federal government exercises hegemony over the states, monetary policy, constitutional interpretation, and economic regulation.  From the nation's beginning, Hamilton urged an increasing degree of centralization and federal power; your organization's approach is in the Hamiltonian conservative tradition. 

Oligarchy, centralization, and increased government authority result from the interaction of the brokerage of special interests and Federal Reserve Bank counterfeit:

Brokerage of Special Interests x Federal Reserve Counterfeit = Oligrachy, Tyranny

We are past the point where the size and power of the federal government can be explained as a natural outgrowth of federalism, technology, or economies of scale.  Rather, we live in an oligarchy of financial interests cartelized through the Federal Reserve Bank.  The Hamiltonian vision that you advocate depends on criminality:  the banking system's stealing from the public.  The eventual result has been (not will be) the dissolution of the American republic into an authoritarian, criminal organization. The dissolution has already occurred; the government of the United States is an irretrievable abomination--a pig state.  Please take my name off your mailing list.


Mitchell Langbert, Ph.D.   

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