Thursday, November 22, 2012

Trading Skyrockets My Retirement Account to New High

I had gotten out of the market in the weeks before election day.  During the week following the election, the market plummeted by six or seven percent.  There was one day of a huge drop and a few days of big but smaller drops.  I got back in the day before the final drop.  Since then the market has come back.  My retirement account is at an all-time high, while my two stock accounts are near their highs.  My high-dividend stocks, which have low beta or risk, were badly socked in my bokerage account, but they have come back dramatically in the past few days.  I'm hoping for a 20 percent increase in the stock market in the coming year.  If it reaches something in that area I will pull out again.  As I blogged earlier this evening, the mining stocks will probably be sluggish for a while longer, but they are good buys now.

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