Thursday, October 18, 2012

Presidential Debate II: With Bums Like These, America Will Lose

Tuesday night's presidential debate frightened me. Two big goverment losers, neither in touch with the ideas of freedom on which the country was founded, advocated extremist, crackpot ideas. Two friends of banks avoided any discussion of any issue that mattered. Romney, with his China bashing and advocacy of tariffs, opposes freedom.  Obama, with his ignorance of the history of and reason for the Second Amendment, is a clown.  What is especially striking about Obama is that he went through three years of Harvard Law School, claims to have specialized in constitutional law, and is ignorant about the Constitution.  With these two clowns, America is in trouble. Making matters worse, the organizers of the debate, reflecting an increasingly totalitarian America, excluded the only worthwhile candidate: Gary Johnson

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