Sunday, August 12, 2012

Carl Paldino Takes out Alphonse D'Amato

 Former New York gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino sent this e-mail to former New York Senator Al D'Amato. Paladino is wrong.  D'Amato isn't a fraud; slime can't be a fraud. 

From: Carl Paladino
Date: June 29, 2012 12:32:12 AM EDT
To: "" <>

Al, keep your nose out of WNY politics or I will expose your underbelly. You are a spineless fraud and you're going down with Skelos. Did you have fun at Andrews $50k party? You are such a low life parasite. It's all about money and you could care less about the people and republican principals. What are you going to do when I tell the people that you were the prime mover of Andrew's gay marriage bill so he could pound his chest as the most powerful governor the state has ever known and you could have access as a lobby for the big buck clients you extort.
From: Carl Paladino
Sent: Friday, June 29, 2012 6:12 PM
To: Carl Paladino
Subject: FW: Al D'Amato, the predator

Al, the following is typical of the many comments that I received in response to my earlier e-mail to you.
I was asked by many the reason for my e-mail.  It’s simple and really gets to the heart of what is wrong in New York State.

Al D’Amato, in concert with his surrogates Dean Skelos and George Maziarz were approached last year by Andrew Cuomo and his minions to make a deal.  Cuomo wanted to show everyone in the State that he could do anything with the complicit New York State Republican led Senate with RINO Dean Skelos at the helm including getting legislative approval for the extreme left issue of gay marriage.  Getting that law passed would allow Cuomo to pound his chest Tarzan style and also would allow Cuomo to payback the gay community for their 2010 unwarranted but effective bashing of my candidacy.  

In return D’Amato, the prime mover of the effort, would get access to Cuomo on initiatives that he needed for his lobbying clients who pay big bucks.  

Anyone who thinks that the holdup of the Marcellus shale drilling permit has anything to do with the merits being argued in public is a fool drinking cool-aid.  It’s all about Mr. Green showing up at the doors of the likes of D’Amato the lobbyist.  “Quid pro quo” is denying upstate 25,000 jobs at $75,000/year.  How sick is that Al. 
Knowing that Skelos and Maziarz (with his special inclination) were spineless and could not vote for the bill, the cabal picked 4 republican senators (Grisanti, Alessi, McDonald and Salland) and promised  they would each get $500,000 in contributions from the gay community and future favors from the cabal including campaign support.
Freshman Senator Grisanti from Buffalo intended to do the right for his constituents when he got in office.   Cuomo, Maziarz, Skelos and D’Amato brought heavy pressure on him to sell out and at the last minute he threw his integrity under the bus, broke his promises to the people who donated to his campaign and voted for the law. 
I believe that if Mark came out and told the truth about what happened to him and revealed the hypocrisy of the  cabal’s complicity the people of his district would be forgiving, but that will not happen because the cabal continues to stroke and intimidate him with false hope.

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