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Say No to Engage Mid Hudson July 30 6:00 PM Newburgh

This "Engage Mid Hudson" Agenda 21 organizing stuff in our own neighborhoods is serious stuff -  Wake up - this is not good - mert
The program was announced (supported) by Gov Cuomo in 2011 (who would have guessed that)  They hope to impliment Agenda 21 in Dutchess, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Sullvan, Ulster, and Westchester Counties.  This first meeting is July 30, from 6:00PM to 8:30PM at SUNY Orange Newburgh Campus, in the Great Room, Kaplan Hall.  This is an attempt at a huge power grab and if it moves forward, it will totally affect you daily life, adversely.
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Engage Mid Hudson (Agenda 21 pseudo) Public Meeting July 30
(1)    The first meeting of Engage Mid-Hudson will be on Monday, July 30. Engage Mid-Hudson covers the Southern and Northern Westchester Energy Action Consortia up through Ulster County (and everything in between).   If you haven’t been following Engage Mid-Hudson, it is the latest manifestation of the regional push to implement UN Agenda 21 through non-governmental organizations that violate republican and constitutional principles by providing a carte blanche to exercise eminent domain and other authoritarian planning tactics that obviate republican standards and freedom.  Please bring your friends who favor private property rights, oppose eminent domain, and oppose authoritarianism.   I have linked below to a video of Rosa Koire’s recent talk in Olive and, as well, my recent interview on A-21 with Tom Sipos on Hudson Valley Focus. 

The idea would be to attend the meeting and, where possible, raise key issues like these:  property rights,  your preference for freedom and market processes over authoritarian and government-based ones, the failure of state-based solutions to improve the economy, improve equity, or help the environment,   your opposition to eminent domain, and your opposition to granting legislative power to non-governmental organizations (NGOs).    The view that no NGO should be permitted legislative, zoning, or eminent domain authority needs to be loudly voiced.  

These are not distant concerns. The purpose of Engage Mid-Hudson is to establish a vehicle that will usurp republican local government authority and establish eminent domain and zoning authority for Engage Mid-Hudson or a successor NGO. This will be used to implement radical environmental policies that will increase in severity over time.  

(2)    Several people on the New York Liberty list wanted to discuss our strategy for discussing A-21 with Congressman Gibson. At his kick-off event he was interested enough to ask for information, and we thought we’d meet with him.  Please contact me if you want to work on preparing a presentation and setting up a meeting with him.

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