Sunday, June 24, 2012

Stop the NGO Virus

 I just sent the following e-mail to state- and federal- level politicians:

I urge you to propose a bill that will prevent the transfer of governmental power to non-governmental organizations (NGOs).  This is a tactic that the extremist environmentalist movement has used to attack democracy. 

There needs to be  a law that will stop all federal funding to localities (states or local authorities, including school districts) that transfer any political authority to non-elected, non-democratic, non-governmental organizations.  Towns that permit non-elected officials of NGOs to decide on zoning, for example, should be prevented from receiving federal funding.

This was proposed recently with respect to the 28 Corridor By-Pass by the Catskill Watershed Commission.  It is outrageous that taxpayer money is being used to replace democratic processes with a totalitarianism based on UN Agenda 21.  If you haven't read Agenda 21, I urge you to do so:

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