Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Obama Proposes Gosplan Style Rural Councils

H/t Redeemer Broadcasting. The Democratic commentator on this video laughably claims that the Keystone Cops in Washington can  revitalize the Midwestern economy.  Maybe they'll print another $3 trillion and have Chicago banks lend it to a new group of poor home buyers.

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Mairi said...

Dr. Helmand is one of the very reasons I no longer watch FOX. FOX seems to have a knack for producing the most brain dead liberals and progressives to be their "Fair and Balanced" opposing view. Like Marc Lamont Hill, Jehmu Green. If these people had half a brain cell, they might spark a sense of some intelligence. Instead, they rarely, if ever can speak in rational terms, I'm sick of their platitudes and projection of their problems onto conservatives. FOX is a major JOKE! They can take all their progressive "bubbly heads" and shove 'em!