Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ron Paul Revolution

H/t Dave Grain on Facebook.  There was only one candidate in the last Republican presidential debate who favors freedom, reduced government, and the American way of life: Ron Paul.  The legacy media has done as much as possible to avoid discussing him, and his colleague/competitor Gary Johnson was blacked out of the GOP debate. 


Anonymous said...

Your Mathematics shows better on your graft how readers have stop reading your blog since you went against talk radio, the GOP and conservatives. You have become a has-been as well as bore to us all with your anti tea party rants and your lies about Rush Limbaugh! Lay down in your slop you spew Mr. PHD Big Boy .
Game Over!

Mitchell Langbert said...

My dear friend, there are a number of factors that influence my graph. These include how often I blog (my blogging has decreased in the past few months) and the topics I choose to cover. I have been getting about
100 hits a day which is within range for the past few years. I have had a single entry that reached about 100,000 people so my numbers are erratic. 100 hits a day amounts to 36,500 a year. In contrast, one of the most influential books in American history, Herbert Croly's "Promise of American Life" sold about 8,000 copies in its first years.

Talk radio isn't particularly influential because although a large number of people listen to it, they do not think for themselves. Because they are sheep, they can only follow the party line of the talk radio personalities, who in turn advocate the big government and corporatist ideas of their employers.

I had asked you earlier if you could give a single example of Limbaugh or any other talk radio peronsality either (a) advocating the elimination or at least the minimization of the Federal Reserve Bank or (b) Ron Paul's candidacy.

You have not responded to that inquirty. Instead, you use uncouth language, which only confirms my claim that talk radio listeners are ignorant (not badly educated, which may not be the same thing) sheep who do not think for themselves.

I'm still waiting for you to give me examples of where Rush Limbaugh actually took a stand against big government and (a) came out against the Fed or (b) came out in support of Ron Paul's candidacy rather than big government candidates he has supported in the past like Reagan, Gingrich, and Bush.

I guess since you're a socialist you like the socialists on talk radio.