Friday, October 7, 2011

Activity Report

I apologize to loyal readers who have wondered where I've been.  I am engaged in some academic research that is absorbing all of my waking time. I used to be in such a state and am again. The reason is in part that my employer, Brooklyn College, has decided to transform a once-miniscule economics department into a business school.  They have hired a dean, Willie Hopkins, from Cal State Chico and Dean Hopkins is focused on winning AACSB International accreditation, which is the best accreditation.  Part of accreditation is research output.  But, in addition, my Sabbatical the year before last stimulated a new interested in business ethics and I am working on a philosophical and historical project that will take several years to complete.  During this time I have also been writing a monthly column for the AICPA Career Insider and writing a monthly column for Mike Marnell's Lincoln Eagle. I have also been working on additional research projects.  I am developing two courses for the CUNY Free Institutions program and have a three course teaching load. Therefore, I have a full plate. I intend to keep blogging but have been totally engrossed in studying the history of positivism and related subjects. 

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