Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Team Watch 22 Exposes Congressman Hinchey's Extremism

TeamWatch NY 22   has produced this video (h/t Mike Marnell).  TeamWatch NY describes its mission:

We believe one  reason the recent protest movement may not have been as effective as it possibly could have been is that most citizens engaged the process of political  activism as disgruntled Americans.  Many elected officials were more unsettled by the presence of  angry constituents than willing to listen to their many concerns.  With disdain  congressman and senators asked, “Where have you been until now?”

Congressman Hinchey "serves" the 22nd Congressional District in New York.  TeamWatch 22 is a group of fine citizens who have done their homework and taken the time to confront a congressman whose fringe positions have become an embarrassment to his district.

I doubt that Representative Hinchey will respond to TeamWatch NY 22's call for a town meeting.  Simply put, Hinchey lacks the character.  As well, it would be an acid test as to whether he is deteriorating mentally, and he likely does not want to take that test. 

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