Saturday, August 27, 2011

Toward the Virtue-Based Business School

My article "Toward the Virtue-Based Business School" is about to appear in the forthcoming issue of The Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies.  The editor, Oskar Gruenwald, is very imaginative, a great scholar and a very nice guy. Dr. Gruenwald describes The Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies as:

a forum for dialogue across the disciplines, integrating knowledge, ethics and faith in search of solutions to panhuman dilemmas.  A peer-reviewed trilingual thematic annual, JIS seeks a reassessment of all the arts and sciences.  JIS explores the interfaces between facts and values, knowledge and faith, science and religion, while affirming the autonomy and methodological imperatives of diverse disciplines. The need for interdisciplinary approaches as a key to reinvigorating and integrating both teaching and learning is increasingly recognized in the academy...

My paper argues for a comptency-based approach to business education rooted in virtue ethics. 

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