Friday, August 12, 2011

Obama's Dishonest & Uncivil Discourse

I picked this up on Mitt Romney's campaign site.


Shouting Thomas said...

Hello Mitchell,

I live in Lake Hill.

My blog is

Didn't know anybody sympathetic to the Tea Party lived in this area.

Shouting Thomas said...

I was particularly concerned about the total lack of response of the Woodstock Times to President Obama's characterization of the Tea Party as "terrorists."

The Times would have been outraged had a Republican president so characterized dissenters. Brian Hollander and Alan Sussman would have been writing about the threat to free speech and freedom of assembly.

Mitchell Langbert said...

Hi Shouting Thomas. We have a few Tea Party people. Have you read the Lincoln Eagle? It is available at many of the stores on 28, including the Boiceville Market and several of the gas stations. The publisher, Mike Marnell, is a Ron Paul supporter.

I am very familiar with Democrats' one sided definition of freedom: "freedom for me, suppression for thee." I don't generally read the Woodstock Times (I write for The Lincoln Eagle and find its views congenial. I have offered to write for The Woodstock Times and The Kingston Freeman without luck--I deduced that the editors were not interested in views that deviate from Medieval leftism.

I'll check out your blog. Feel free to e-mail me at

Shouting Thomas said...

Thanks for the plug on your blogroll, Mitchell.

I've added your blog to mine as well.