Sunday, April 24, 2011

Gary Johnson Announces His Candidacy


Contact: Sue Winchester


April 21, 2011, Concord New Hampshire - Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson today announced that he is seeking the 2012 Republican nomination for President of the United States. Johnson served as governor from 1995 to 2003. The announcement was made Thursday morning on the steps of the New Hampshire State House.

Announcing his candidacy, Johnson released the following statement:

“Let’s talk about America.

Today’s mess didn’t just happen. We elected it -- one senator, member of Congress and president at a time. Our leaders in Washington, DC, have ‘led’ America to record unemployment, a devalued currency, banking scandals, the mortgage crisis, drug crisis, economic crisis, loss of our nation’s industrial might – and a long list of other reminders our nation is way off course.

Why am I telling you this? Because America is better than this. And because I can help fix it.

I’m a fix-it man.

Before I was governor of New Mexico, I started a one-man fix-it business that I grew into an American dream with more than a thousand employees. My formula for success was simple. I showed up on time, did what I said what I’d do, and knew what I was doing.

I did the same thing as governor, exactly. Within two terms, I’d eliminated New Mexico's budget deficit and cut the rate of state government growth in half while reducing the state workforce by over 10%, without laying off a single qualified state worker. Saying no to waste, corruption and political games is easier than you think. During my two terms I vetoed 750 pieces of bad, unnecessary and wasteful legislation, and used the line-item veto to save millions of dollars. I was called “Governor Veto,” and accepted that nickname proudly.

America needs a ‘President Veto’ right now – someone who will say ‘no’ to insane spending and stop the madness that has become Washington. That’s why I am here today to announce that I’m running for President of the United States. And I don’t do so lightly.

President Obama is about to raise and spend $1 billion in a reelection campaign to keep America on the track it’s already on. I would ask: How much more of this track can we stand? How much more financial stress can we handle? How high do taxes have to go? How much deficit is too much? How much more of the Bill of Rights do we have to lose before we say not just no, but HELL NO?

It’s time to put one of our own in the White House. I have the qualifications, the ability and the know-how to do the job. I also have a track record. I’ll do what I say I’ll do.

I look at the rest of the field running for president, and that song by The Who comes to mind. Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss. You know the one. We ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again.’ What’s the definition of insanity? It is to keep doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different outcome.

I’m ready for a different America. I’m ready for the day when a person can build a good life on a decent income, and we can take our government at its word – when people have more to smile about. I’m ready for peace and prosperity and some American dreaming. I’m ready for America to be AMERICA again.

Our current president will not lead us there. None of the professional Washington set will. We have to get there on our own.

I’m here in New Hampshire today because I can – and will -- do a better job for you as president.

I’m optimistic about our chances. Winning freedom is what America does.

We’ve got this.”

Following the announcement, Governor Johnson will spend three days in New Hampshire meeting with supporters, visiting local businesses and on Saturday, April 23, hiking and skiing the well-known Tuckerman’s Ravine in the White Mountains.

Please contact Sue Winchester or Lizz Renda at or 801.303.7924 to schedule an interview with Gary Johnson. New Hampshire on-site media contact: Brinck Slattery, 603.703.2846 or and Matt Simon 603.391.7450 or .

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About Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson: Gary Johnson, a Republican and two-term Governor of New Mexico from 1994-2002, has been a consistent and outspoken advocate for efficient government and lowering taxes. During his time as Governor he vetoed 750 bills and cut the rate of state government in half.

Sue Winchester
Press/Media Relations
Gary Johnson 2012


Anonymous said...

Where is his birth certificate?

Mitchell Langbert said...

He's an American.

Anonymous said...


Doug Plumb said...

People need to develop courage, wisdom and prudence to stop the push for world government and never ending enslavement.

More promises of comfort, subservience and security will not get us there.

We are in the 21st century and the technological state cannot have a government who's ideal is 200 years old, no matter how romantic it sounds, its impractical and it won't work.

We need to learn the law, the law determines reality. We must send these attorneys - every single one of them back to Britain on a steam boat powered by their paper money.

Then we will be awake enough to debate government policy, educate ourselves and not depend on the dark black system that is the legal system to re-establish law of the land and mans natural right. Then we can resolve conflicts, have those responsible for this mess be responsible and the majority of us with the necessary knowledge to conduct ourselves as men rather than children in civilized society.

Anonymous said...

Will the release of the "long form" birth certificate satisfy you? I doubt it.

Mitchell Langbert said...

What would satisfy me is if Obama changed his mind about the $12.8 trillion* that he and Bernanke have bestowed upon the super-rich of Wall Street at the expense of Americans, if the Fed were audited, which would likely reveal another many trillions having been extended to the global wealthy and sovereign banks, if he were to ask Soros back the $2 billion that were given to him via his corrupt "stimulus," and if the three wars Obama is stupidly waging were brought to an end.

The birth certificate now is much too little, much too late. Obama has taken an uzi to the American economy. He makes Bush look like a small time con artist. All the American presidents combined have not transferred so much to the super-rich as has Obama and the Democrats.

So I'm delighted that Trump is razzing Obama about the birth certificate, but it is too little too late.

Incidentally, what happened to all those claims that the Certificate of Live Birth on the Obama-run "" website two years ago was all there was to see?

I guess that he was lying then doesn't inform you much about who he is. If you had been in Germany in '32 you would have voted for Hitler.

I hope you favor income inequality, because no one in the history of the world has done more to support income inequality than Barack Obama.


Doug Plumb said...

The birth certificate issue is dead. If Obama was really born in the USA it would have been resolved long ago, the fact that its gone on this long almost proves that he wasn't factually. Anyone that believes a digital image put out by the White House is nuts.

We Obama isn't an American citizen in the sense of what we think an American citizen is. The real problem is that none of the past presidents of recent have been either. You cannot be an attorney and at the same time say you work for the benefit of the people - its like saying water isn't wet.

Big J seems like my kind of candidate. He is a successful capitalist and not an attorney. I like what Paul has to say, but a real capitalist must have a certain desireable ethic. Real capitalists are so few and far between they are almost extinct.