Friday, February 4, 2011

Meshugana Jews Voted For Obama

In the recent past, Jews have been saddled with the holocaust, oppression in the Soviet Union and the dhimmi, embodied in the jizya tax, in many Islamic countries. Now that some have their own country, Israel, and others live in America, they are free from tyranny.  Ironically, though, given American freedom, many if not most American Jews  have supported reinstatement of the socialism that murdered them in Germany and the Soviet Union and from which they fled.  The self-destructive support for "progressivism"  is a martyr wish. The Jews' martyrdom is a biblical theme:  the Jews sin, suffer penalties like the breaking of the tablets by Moses, and then are redeemed through suffering like the Babylonian captivity.  

In voting for Obama 77 percent of American Jews aimed to induce a biblical cycle.  The Jews' favored candidate, whether through incompetence or intent, is about to destabilize the Middle East and pose a serious threat to Israel's existence.   In a recent letter David Horowitz writes:

The situation on the streets of Cairo is confusing, but so too is the message coming out of the Obama White House. The White House appears to be leaving Hosni Mubarak, an ally for three decades and lynchpin of Mideast stability, twisting slowly in the wind. And worse, it appears to be open to allowing the Muslim Brotherhood play a key role in a "reformed" Egyptian government, as long as the organization renounces violence and supports democracy... If the Obama White House really believes this is possible, it is even more hopelessly incompetent than we imagined...In suggesting that the Muslim Brotherhood can be a democratic partner in Egypt, the Obama White House has outdone even the Carter administration's destabilization of the Shah of Iran in 1979 and its welcoming of the theocratic fascist Khoumeni as a "saint."...From the Bolshevik Revolution, through Mao and the Ayatollah Khoumeni, the left has always seen figures who turned out to be monsters as "reformers."
There were probably some Jews who supported Hitler in 1932, before he got to power. The effects on Israel of the Obama administration's actions could turn out worse than I thought likely in 2008 (but not worse than I feared).  His meshugana Jewish supporters bear responsibility for the threat that Muslim Brotherhood now poses to the Jews.

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