Sunday, December 19, 2010

No Tax Compromise and the Demon Democracy

Pamela Odell forwarded this petition to oppose the tax compromise.  The Tea Party's success with the  recent spending bill is a delightful surprise. But it has a long way to go. 

Democracy leads to the increasing power of special interests and so its own implosion. Those adept at manipulating the system, from George Soros to the teachers' unions to commercial banking to the pharmaceutical industry to the auto industry, have economic advantages that ensure their imposition of their ends on the majority of Americans.  Hence, democracy is anti-democratic. Like the demon whiskey, one drink leads to good results but too much leads to a hangover.  As Progressivism has proceeded in excessive indulgence in democracy it has motivated increasing numbers of Americans to join the special interests that dominate society, to participate in the tyrannical minority.  Universities that do not educate; public schools that focus on indoctrination rather than education; an investment community that pockets massive wealth at public expense; a pharmaceutical industry that markets slight variations on snake oil all have a louder voice in a democracy than do "the people."  As a result, pointless government programs and regulations expand; massive amounts of wealth are transferred to Wall Street; the legal system becomes a source of allocating government largess; and America as a nation goes into decline.

When the nation worked on republican principles  it was successful.  Thus, the direct election of senators; the Supreme Court's "living constitution" doctrine; the Federal Reserve Bank; and the erosion of states' rights have contributed to America's decline; to income inequality;  to declining opportunities for America's young people; to the extinguishing of liberty.

There are positive ways to market freedom and republicanism. School vouchers; greater income equality through abolition of the Fed; greater public voice through the "less is more" philosophy of republicanism; and states' rights reformulate failed conservatism.

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