Monday, December 27, 2010

New York and the Legacy Media

In a recent e-mail, Jim Crum uses an excellent moniker for the Democratic Party media: the legacy media.  The phrase is embedded in Jim's important discussion about demographic trends that may undermine the legacy media's influence.  Jim links to a article which notes that the Republican states are growing in population relative to the Democratic states:

"...states that went for Obama saw population declines that will result in fewer electoral votes and states that did not support Obama in 2008 saw their population increase and, as a result, the number of electoral votes they will allocate to a presidential candidate next time.

"The census found the United States population bumped up from approximately 281 million in 2000 to 308,745,538 as of April 1. Regionally, the northeast grew 3.2 percent while the Midwest grew 3.9 percent, the South grew 14.3 percent and the West grew 13.8 percent — making it so states that typically go Republican experienced more growth than predominantly Democratic areas.

"On the Republican side, Texas picked up four seats, Arizona, Georgia, South Carolina, and Utah will gain one seat each while Louisiana loses one thanks to population declines following Hurricane Katrina and Missouri loses one as well. On the Democratic side, New York and Ohio lose two electoral votes each while the Obama-supporting states of Illinois, Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania lose one and the pro-Obama states Nevada, and Washington gain one and Florida gains two.

"Ultimately, states voting against Obama in 2012 gained six electoral votes while states supporting him in 2008 lost six — a total shift of 12 electoral votes."

Jim contends that one-sided, pro-Obama media coverage will counteract the population trend in the presidential election.  While this may be, I'm not convinced that the Republicans in '12 will do better than they did with John McCain in '08.  McCain would not have been much better than Obama.  As we stand now, the nation is putting band aids on the dike which, Jim notes quoting Edmund Burke, is being eaten away by rats.  Many Republicans are as much rats as Democrats and, besides, the Republican band aids are too small.

For instance, New Yorkers for Growth forwarded to me John Faso's Op Ed in the New York Post, a Republican newspaper. I met Faso at a fundraiser last spring.  Faso makes some good points but fails to address the underlying cause.  Faso observes that New York is going to lose two congressional seats (I hope my Congressman, Maurice Hinchey, is one of them) because of the census.  As well, he notes that more than one million New Yorkers have exited during the past ten years.  He says that Governor Cuomo (once more that horrible sound) ought to declare a fiscal emergency. He notes that the Tax Foundation ranked New York 50th in hospitality to business.  

I wonder what that does to my students' job prospects...the same students who support regulation 10 to 1.  And there's the rub. New York's problems are so psychologically entrenched that the economic wizardry that Faso proposes will not help.  My students, like the majority of New Yorkers, are brainwashed to believe in socialism.  The population believes that economic goods like health care and housing are rights.  Therefore, anyone who works must be taxed to subsidize anyone who doesn't. New Yorkers will favor that to the maximum extent possible until they learn that there is no such thing as a "positive right."  A right can only exist in nature.  You do not have a right to housing in nature. You have to build housing.  If you dig your spot in a cave, I don't have the right to force you to dig my spot in my cave.  But New Yorkers believe that I do. Therefore, there is no hope for New York until it collapses or until the education system is revamped.

Even many brainwashed ideologues among New Yorkers find that the positive rights theory in which they have been indoctrinated does not work.  Some of those who work leave the ones who don't.  But I suspect they take their socialist ideologies with them and then aim to destroy the states to which they move.  Thus, New York has become a state made up of people who don't work: welfare cheats; Wall Street stock jobbers; lawyers and college professors.  Those who leave aim to destroy the futures of states around the country. New York is a venomous disease.

As far as the legacy media, the value of not consuming it cannot be overstated.  The reason is framing.  A frame is how you conceptualize a situation.  If you listen to the Wall Street-owned legacy media  you are induced to frame issues as they wish.  They do not wish you to frame issues in realistic terms of monetary policy and special interest brokerage. The issues in the United States revolve around these two concerns.  If you believe the news media there is no such thing as a special interest lobby and no such thing as the Federal Reserve Bank. Putting Americans to sleep intellectually is necessary  to manipulate them.

Framing determines how you think and therefore the decisions you make.  The legacy media frames issues in a certain way.  It claims that there is a national consensus, when in fact few Americans have the first idea of what the issues are.  Consuming the legacy media is a sure way to lose track of the real issues.  Why waste your time?

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