Monday, November 1, 2010

Do or Die Election 2010: Toward Freedom or Secession?

I have not been blogging because I have been busy with electoral politics. Like many who have been activated this year in response to the suicidal policies of America's selfish elite,  I have not done so much on a practical level in many years.  Like many, I do not love the mechanics of elections such as sign placement, phone banking, petitioning and the like, but do it as a calling.  My friend Glenda McGee suggested that we are throwing pebbles in the large American lake, and causing ripples just as others are causing ripples that together will form waves and then a tsunami that will overwhelm the centralized power elite. Or so we hope.

The Republicans in Ulster County, New York have never been more visible. Signs are everywhere to the extent that one Republican in the Hudson Valley suggested that too many signs were placed. County Chair Robin Yess noted in response that the Democrats have vandalized numerous signs. Indeed, many of the Paladino signs I put up have been removed, undoubtedly by people who believe themselves to be more right and more intelligent than we are.  This indeed raises doubts in my mind about the universalizability of ethical belief, the foundation of Immanuel Kant's philosophy.  More murder has been committed by people who believe themselves to be the most right and to be the universal standard bearers of historical right than by psychopaths and sociopaths in the normal sense.  The difference between someone who believes himself to know the absolute historical and universal right and someone who does not know what right and wrong are may be nil.

Our congressional candidate's, George Phillips's, performance has been amazing.  Socialist extremist Democrat Maurice Hinchey has never had an opponent this visible.  I am told that our congressional district, the New York 22nd, was set up by Pataki as a kind of toxic waste dump of college campuses from Vassar to Cornell and inner city districts (Binghamton, Ithaca, Poughkeepsie, Liberty and Monticello) that are left wing. In response, Representative Hinchey painted himself as a progressive; aimed to turn the Hudson Valley into a socialist park, and repeatedly attacked Israel.  Even in a toxic waste district like New York's 22nd CD there are enough normal, decent people to resist.  This is despite the pro-bailout left's domination of the local media.

On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I put up dozens of signs in the Town of Olive and distributed calling lists to four or five members of the Town of Olive Republican Party.  On Thursday McGee and I gave out handbills.  On Friday night McGee and I helped local entrepreneur Mike Marnell stuff his Lincoln Eagle newspaper into saran wrap-like sleeves so that they can be tossed into thousands of driveways in the Hudson Valley.  On Saturday we drove around the Towns of Olive and Marbletown distributing the Lincoln Eagle to two dozen diners, farm stands, supermarkets and other stores.  As well we distributed the hand bill to farm stands and health food stores, many of whose proprietors said that they would give the handbills to their friends.

The response to our handbill was varied.  On Friday several of us distributed them in Woodstock and the hard leftists there were often hostile, although many others were interested.  Then, we went to Adams Fairacre Farms, a specialty store, and distributed them for about an hour until the proprietor chased us away.  The reaction there was positive.  In other words, all but the hard, ideological left were open to the handbill. The handbill was targeted at the left concerned with food issues.

The big news for us in Ulster County was George Phillips's national support in his run against Representative Maurice Hinchey.  Phillips has received more than $500,000 from American Crossroads and television advertisements have been flooding the cable lines and air waves. In addition, Phillips was aided by Mayor Edward Koch, who endorsed him over Hinchey because of Hinchey's aggressively anti-Israel position.  Given the toxic nature of the 22nd district, a Phillips victory will be amazing.

My prayers are with all of the Republican candidates this year, even the RINOs, because we need to take back the government from the extreme left and the Democratic Party and repeal the socialist laws that have created growing income inequality, a declining economy and an increasingly dictatorial government.  My good friend Cortes de Russy is running as a GOP write-in candidate in New York's 18th CD against extremist socialist crank Nita Lowy. I blogged about their debate about two weeks ago. Lowy is ignorant about economics and about what America is.  Lowy and her supporters have increasingly made it clear that we need to begin to think about secession.  This is no longer a long term question, but one that we need to start planning for.  The current state of America is unacceptable and many do not share any commitment to the type of government that the social democrats have created and favor.  The Untied States government is stupid garbage, and unless we can free ourselves through the ballot box, more direct political action leading to greater instability will be necessary. In a sense then, this is a do or die election.

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