Monday, August 2, 2010

Pete Hegseth on Elena Kagan

I have a better idea: since the Supreme Court is a failed institution, we should abolish it and make the state supreme courts the courts of final appeal in each state. Inter-state conflicts could be resolved by the US appellate courts as the courts of final appeal.

Meanwhile, Pete Hegseth is an impressive guy.  Contrairimairie sent me this video (which can be viewed here if blogspot chops off the end), and it's great to see an American with brains, courage and hopefully a bright political future.


Anonymous said...

You are silent on the Cordoba Mosque. Why?

Mitchell Langbert said...

I have nothing to say about it. I think the people who are building it are hateful bigots. I think that the Democrats like Bloomber who have defended it are ignorant and I think that it should not be built. But I do not think that government should be involved. That is what a libertarian is.