Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ognibene Offers Hope for Ulster County's Ailing Economy

Thomas Ognibene, gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino's running mate, spoke to the Kingston/Rhinebeck Tea Party on Monday evening, July 12, at the Town of Ulster Town Hall. About 40 Tea Partiers were present. Ognibene, a former New York City Councilman, complements Paladino's Buffalo roots.  Ognibene ran for mayor against Michael Bloomberg in 2005 but the Bloomberg campaign challenged his electoral petitions, knocking him off the GOP ballot.

Ognibene said that the Paladino campaign is hopeful about its own petition drive, the outcome of which will be known as the Eagle goes to print.  Although the Democratic press has painted a rosy economic picture here in Ulster County, that picture is deceptive. The "pork" band aids that the Democratic politicians have put on the canker sores that they have created through over-taxation and over-spending are trumpeted in the Democratic media.  But what Democratic voters fail to realize is that the upstate area has been paying far more than it has been receiving.  Job growth in Ulster County since 1990 has been at less than one fifth of the national rate.  Neither the Democratic politicians nor the Democratic media discuss this trend because the Democrats are the reason.

Ognibene pointed out that Sheldon Silver, the Speaker of the Assembly, ought to be unelectable because of the damage that he and the Democrats have done to New York's economy.  As well, New York's wasteful spending (with per capita Medicaid spending double that of California) has caused firms and talented workers and business people to move elsewhere. Ognibene, along with Paladino, is calling for a modest 20% cut in the state's budget. 

One question from the audience was how Paladino and Ognibene will improve their profile in the New York City area.  They are better known upstate, especially in western New York, but will not be able to take the primary against Republican in Name Only (RINO) Rick Lazio if they cannot win New York City.  Ognibene told the audience that Carl Paladino, a successful, self-made real estate developer (the only gubernatorial candidate, Democrat or Republican, who has not spent his career at the public trough) has a ten million dollar war chest for that purpose.

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