Wednesday, July 7, 2010

America a Nation of Grifters

I just sent this e-mail to Paul Smart, editor of the Olive Press in Phoenicia, New York. 

Dear Editor:

In 1950 Americans paid $43.5 billion in taxes to the federal government.  In 2010 they will pay about $2.2 trillion, 50 times as much, according to US Government  Of course, those numbers need to be adjusted for increased population and inflation. A dollar in 1950 would be worth $9.05 today, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  That is, inflation has been 900% and federal tax revenues have increased 5000% since 1950. As well population has doubled, from 151.3 million to 309 million, since 1950.   Taking population and inflation into account, federal tax revenues have increased from $287 per capita in 1950 dollars to $774 per capita in 1950 dollars, almost a threefold increase from 1950 to 2010.

The letters of your readers show why the real hourly wage has stagnated since 1970.  Hard working Americans have allowed fast talking grifters, socialists, commercial bankers, school teachers, hedge fund managers and other beneficiaries of governmental thievery to bleed them dry.  One of your readers, apparently educated in one of America's   mind-numbing socialist public schools, claims that the threefold per capita tax increase since 1950 did not occur and that taxes are lower now than in the 1950s.  Another complains that class sizes of 20-25 students are too large. Another demands increased spending on nursing homes. 

Well, I can be a grifter too.  I have the most important demand.  As a professor, the salaries of professors are too low. So mine must be raised. At everyone else's expense.  All America should labor on my behalf.  Taxes should be raised and the excess paid to me and my union, NYSUT. Those who disagree are selfish and greedy. I must have a raise. You must pay.  


Mitchell Langbert


Doug Plumb said...

As a philosopher Mitchell, I wish you would add more philosophy to your posts. I know I could learn a lot more from you.

Why did this come about ? Should all professors be given a pay raise ? How should this pay raise be determined ?

I certainly agree that professors should be paid more, but the existing model of funding is driving much of the corruption. Tax free foundations need to be taken out of the system and liberal arts need to be given far more respect. I recall some rehtoric that was often used against liberal arts students by the students of the fascist streams "What are you going to do when you graduate - open a philosophy shop ?". Studies in literature, philosophy and pure mathematics/logic need to be part (again) of getting a doctorate in philosophy to restore ethics back into the sciences.

Am I wrong ? If you tell me so and why I will probably learn something.

Mitchell Langbert said...

Doug--I was just being sarcastic. Anyone can claim that government ought to pay them money. The process of special interest extraction of rents from the public guarantees that the most powerful special interests will always prevail.

Doug Plumb said...

"Anyone can claim that government ought to pay them money."

I get the sarcasm.

But the money people are paid is in no way related to their productivity, so why not ?