Sunday, May 23, 2010

Politics Has Two Purposes

I just received this e-mail from Andrew Matthews of the Capital District Tea Party.

Dear Professor Langbert,

I am a member of the Capital Dist. Tea Party Patriots and while checking on Rhinebeck area Teaparty movement I came across your name and decided to read your Blog.  I usually do not like the term "expert" mostly used by reporters.  But I am really proud to say that you really are an expert on what you write!

I came from India in 1973 and on the very first day in the country, after watching the evening news (October 1st, 1973) I decided to be a strong critic of America's mainstream press because of the "America hatred" I sensed in their report.  They have been highly successful in turning the entire country against Republicans and our free-market system because of the only one sinner in America at that time - Richard Nixon! I have been a peaceful political activist ever since.

I have seven blogs which have not been updated lately because of lack of time. is one of them.

If you ever decide to run for any national political office you can count on my vote.  Keep up the great work.

May I also give you one of my quotes?  Years ago I was trying to explain to plain average people what POLITICS is all about and why every one has a personal interest in taking part in it.  Finally I came up with the following truth.  

"POLITICS has only two purposes, (1) To protect what you have and (2) To TAKE what other have!"

At the core anything else humans do we can detect either of these two motives.  If you are running for any office please make this your clarion call!


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Doug Plumb said...

I don't think its about materialism. To survive one must have power, so obtaining power is in everyones interest (I don't think Neitzsche is right in his "will to power" being the goal of life).

Once power is obtained, the only sure way of protecting it is to gather more power. (One must also have protection from the people who know how the first power was obtained if unjustly). This explains the will to power in will to survive terms.

People can have protection for their power in the security that they have the requisite wisdom to hold onto it and are known to have virtue-courage and temperance, or it must be held by force. People that do not deserve power must depend on force.

Its all about power and power itself forms an inverse gravity well onto itself. The more you have, the more you need.