Saturday, April 24, 2010

Obama on 212*

I just sent this letter to Brian Hollander of the Woodstock Times.  

Dear Editor:

There's a rumor circulating in Olive that if anyone questions any of President Obama's policies in the Village of Woodstock he will be sent to Lubyanka Prison-On-the-Sawkill for violating Article 58, paragraph 10 of the limousine liberal code, to wit, violating provisions against "anti-Obama propaganda."  We here in the free world, where there is no pro-Obama censorship, aim to educate you as to what has happened.

In 1996 NBC, a General Electric subsidiary, and Microsoft, decided to form a cable television station, MS-NBC.  GE owns 82%.  It so happens that GE, besides making dish washers and television shows, has a taste for badly run financial institutions closely linked to Wall Street. 

In 2008, Wall Street, realizing that the massive, Democratic Party-installed subsidies that it receives from the Federal Reserve Bank each year would be insufficient for its extraordinary incompetence, decided that it needed a reliable lackey in the White House. The Street wanted bailout money; regulation to put smaller competitors at a disadvantage; and ever-increasing expansion of the monetary base.

It was determined that these objectives are best accomplished through a limousine liberal who claims to be helping the poor when in fact he is helping the rich, someone much like those who enforce Article 58, paragraph 10 of the limousine liberal code on Tinker Street. Someone acceptable to George Soros and Warren Buffett.  So in 2008 both Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs donated an unprecedented 2:1 in favor of the Obama campaign.  And GE's employees at MS-NBC such as Chris Matthews told the limousine liberals of Woodstock, who quaintly believe themselves to be especially clever but can't figure out that Matthews works for GE, to rally behind their new comrade, Barack Hussein Obama. 

Mr. Obama was elected. Monetary reserves having been tripled in 2008 by Wall Street's previous lackey, George W. Bush, have been maintained and reenforced. The Iraqi and Afghanistan wars that motivate monetary expansion that contributes to the stock market's health have been steadfastly maintained.  As well, Mr. Obama and the Democrats put forward a regulation plan that Morgan and Goldman absolutely love.  The chief effect of Mr. Obama's health bill was to tax lower income Americans who are not covered and previously got emergency room care for free.  The stock market went up for four straight days following the health care law's passage.  Indeed, the market has been having a great ride as a result of all the new Obama money rolling out of the Democratic Party-installed printing presses.  Chris Mathews's supervisors at GE are especially happy because of the bailout. Both George Soros and Henry Paulson are investing in gold. And President Obama's supervisors at Goldman are rolling in dough, having earned over $3 billion in the last quarter. 


Mitchell Langbert 

*Route 212 runs from the Town of Shandaken to the Village of Saugerties, NY.  When it passes through Woodstock it is called Tinker Street.

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