Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Conservatism Is Socialism

The appellation conservative ought not apply to Americans who believe in the Constitution or in liberty. The very word contradicts itself. Today's America differs fundamentally from the plan set forth in the Constitution not because of changing technology or mores, nor because the US Supreme Court has legitimately interpreted changing economic necessity or social values and so updated constitutional principles, but because powerful economic interests have usurped the Constitution, with the US Supreme Court acting as a rationalizing vehicle on their behalf.  To maintain today's economic structure and government is to maintain a form of fascism that is in decline.  The decline is occurring not only in economic conditions, living standards, economic opportunities, freedom of speech, property rights, and the right to keep the product of one's labor. It is also occurring in ever worsening outcomes in education;  intolerant extremists' domination of universities; a media run by bankers' lackeys; misallocation of resources on a scale that is beginning to approach that of the great failed socialist states, the USSR and communist China.  None of this would be possible without the US Supreme Court, which has illegitimately and illegally facilitated the transfer of power to economic elites. 

Given the ongoing economic decline; the absence of respect for law within American legal institutions;  and the failure of the American government to respond to evolving economic conditions, a radical or revolutionary posture is necessary.  To be a conservative is to be the most extreme socialist. 

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Anonymous said...

That's interesting... I had just read a definition of Fascism (just out of curiosity) before reading this blog and thought as I read, that the current American culture did seem to tick off several of the definition's boxes...