Saturday, December 26, 2009

Addicts for Obama

The founding fathers envisioned a republic, not a democracy, for as every schoolboy knew (then, not now), 'twas a democracy that condemned Socrates. The notion of universal suffrage took more than a century and a half to become a reality in the 1960s. But were the founding fathers right about the ability of the average person to think clearly enough to vote? Let us review a few statistics:

-"nearly 23 million Americans — 9.2 percent of the population twelve or older — are hooked on alcohol or drugs" (see here)

-"47 percent of Americans binge drink" (see here)

-"16 million Americans (more than five percent of Americans) engage in compulsive sexual behaviors" (see here)

-"As many as 15 million Americans have a problem with gambling, and an estimated 2 million or more are gambling addicts." (see here)

-"In November, 36.0% of American adults said they were Democrats" (see here).

--One-quarter of all Americans met the criteria for having a mental illness within the past year (see here and here),

Let us tally up these numbers concerning Americans who are asked to deliberate on the nature of our government:

Alcoholics and drug addicts: 9.2%
Sex addicts: 5%
Compulsive gamblers: 5%
Democrats: 36.0%
Mentally ill: 25%
Binge drinkers, people who got stewed on election eve: 47%

These statistics explain how Obama won the presidency. The Rasmussen poll has some interesting statistics about voters. Rasmussen asked people if they were liberal, moderate, conservative or not sure on social issues and liberal, moderate, conservative or not sure on fiscal issues. Seven of the 16 possible combinations had non-trivial percentages of voters. These include:

Fiscal conservative/ social conservative: 24%
Fiscal moderate/ social moderate: 20%
Fiscal moderate/ social liberal: 15%
Fiscal conservative/social moderate: 10%
Fiscal moderate/social conservative: 10%
Fiscal liberal/social liberal: 9%
Fiscal conservative/social liberal (libertarian): 4%

Although 49% of Democrats see themselves as fiscally and socially moderate, their candidate, Barack Obama, is socially and fiscally of the extreme left, to the left of liberal on both social and fiscal issues.

We can explain the reason for widespread support for Obama among Democrats. With 25% of Democrats mentally ill; five percent having sex in the election booth; 9.2% voting while on drugs; 47% getting stewed the night before the election; and 5% thinking that the voting booth is a slot machine, it is really a matter of random chance as to who wins.


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