Thursday, November 19, 2009

Olive Day Exposed

The Olive Press just published my letter:

Dear Editor,
Ternice Winne cannot understand how the Town of Olive Democratic Committee's illegal receipt of in-kind benefits from the Town of Olive might possibly be a campaign issue. Likewise, she cannot understand how the Democratic Committee's failure to report receipt of these benefits to the New York State Board of Elections might be considered to be improper. As well, she cannot understand how a fundraiser on behalf of the Democrats might be construed as partisan. It seems that the Olive Democrats have been stealing for so long that the Democratic partisans have concluded that stealing is moral.
A public service is one that is not for profit. The Olive Democrats use a public park, do not pay their fair share, and pocket the proceeds. A butcher performs a service when he sells meat, but his business is a for-profit business because he pockets the proceeds. Likewise, the Democrats might put on an entertaining fundraiser (one that crowds my block and one that I have never attended) but they pocket the proceeds.
Olive Day is a partisan fundraiser for the Democratic Committee. We Republicans should not be forced to subsidize a partisan event, and forcing us to do so is corrupt.
Nationally, the Democrats have shown that their moral leadership has offices in the Goldman Sachs building on 85 Broad. The corruption of the Barack Obama administration is greater than that associated with Jay Gould, John D. Rockefeller, Willie Durant, the Teapot Dome Scandal, insider trading during the 1920s, Richard M. Nixon and Enron combined and multiplied by 20. Obama's four trillion dollar bailout of his bosses on 85 Broad reminds us that the Democrats have always had but one chief concern: Wall Street.
While at the national level we watch the Democrats suck the nation dry with the most corrupt presidential administration in the nation's history, at the local level we read Ms. Winne's claim that a partisan event involving illegal public subsidy of a partisan entity is not partisan because people she knows benefit from it.
Can Democrats do anything but steal?
Mitchell Langbert, PH.D.
West Shokan, NY


Anonymous said...

People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. The Republicans of the world are not without issue. The mess that President Obama is cleaning up has much to do with the Presidents Bush. And I can assure you many Republicans enjoy Olive Day.

Mitchell Langbert said...

President Obama has had four years to show his stuff. He's still blaming others. Generally, I give an executive 2-3 years to prove themselves. Your point seems to be that Obama is especially incompetent. This is not surprising because he was unqualified to be president; he had less experience than Sarah Palin, two years in the Senate being much less substantive than two years as governor. So you go around chanting slogans, blaming Bush after Obama has been in four years in office, and blaming billionaires when Obama has provided more and bigger subsidies to the wealthy than Bush did. As far as Olive Day, it's just one more example of corruption in a pathetically small-time corrupt town.