Monday, November 23, 2009

Congressman Hinchey Aims to Federalize Hudson Valley

I just sent the following inquiry to the National Park service. The Kingston Freeman reports that Maurice Hinchey aims to include the Hudson Valley in the federal parks system. The article is very vague as to the identity of the bill or what the effects would be on development, the ownership of firearms, hunting, and the sale of real estate. I have contacted Congressman Hinchey's office for a copy of the bill and have sent this inquiry to the National Park Service.

Dear Park Service:

I live in the Catskills about 25 miles from Kingston, NY. In the November 3 issue of the Kingston Freeman, a local newspaper, there was an article that stated that Congressman Maurice Hinchey has proposed a bill to turn the Hudson Valley into a national park.

I have a number of questions for you as the article was not descriptive of the effects of this policy.

1. What regulations normally accompany the establishment of a federal park in a developed region? Here in New York we have the Catskill Park, in which I happen to live, and the Adirondack Park. There are regulations that apply in the Catskill and Adirondack Parks that do not apply elsewhere.

2. Do you have a model or a developed set of regulations for another park region that would be similar to the regulations that would be put into effect should the Hinchey bill pass?

3. What would be the effect of establishing a park on economic freedom in the following areas:

--building houses
--building septic tanks
--sale of real estate
--liens on property not deemed environmentally acceptable?

4. Would there be an effect on construction such as limitations on the amount of real estate development, and/or restrictions on how sewage systems are designed, and/or limits on size, drainage and other environmental effects of real estate construction?

5. Would there be effects on hunting, the introduction of wildlife, the use of firearms and/or on fishing?

Thank you.

Mitchell Langbert.

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