Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Prison Option

A colleague who is a "progressive" notes that President Obama "spoke to the N.A.A.C.P. this month, reaffirming the standard racial narrative while lecturing the black community on the need for better family values. But he barely uttered a word about the ways in which public policies — policies over which he might exert no small influence — have resulted in the hyper-incarceration of poor black men."

As a Republican, I support the proposal that President Obama should announce support for the early release of prisoners, especially those convicted of violent crimes, and I urge President Obama to do so. He also should set up a health care plan as good as the one Congress gets, call it the "prison option" and ensure that all prisoners are covered, with extra benefits going to those convicted of murder. The state of prison hospitals is tragic, and it is patently unfair that prisoners are not treated as well as Congressmen. I urge President Obama to solve this problem.

By urging early prison release, superb health care for prisoners and special benefits for convicted murderers, President Obama will prove his concern for the oppressed and ensure the appropriate election results in 2012.

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LL said...

This makes perfect sense when you consider the disproportionately high ratio of blacks to other races in the prison system. It is simply another method for the white man to keep the black man down.