Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I Told You So

During last year's presidential campaign I came to the conclusion that Barack Hussein Obama was the spiritual successor to George W. Bush and that the best way to continue Bush's policies was to elect Obama. Obama claimed that he would turn around the economy and end the Iraqi War, the two glaring areas in which President Bush demonstrated his incompetence. Especially with respect to these two areas Mr. Obama's promise was "change".

The concept that President Obama represents "change" with respect to the economy is illustrated by his recent reappointment of the architect of President Bush's economic policies, Ben Bernanke. Mr. Bernanke is the best friend Wall Street ever had, and it seems obvious from Mr. Bernanke's reappointment that President Obama is Wall Street's president. With respect to Iraq President Obama reappointed another Bush appointee, Robert Gates. As well, he has done nothing to change the Bush policy in Iraq.

Perhaps we might consider the meaning of the word "change" to have been permanently bastardized. According to Obama, the meaning of "change" is to continue Bush policies, and add a few, like his absurd health reform proposal, that are even worse than Bush's.

One good result of the 2008 election: the American Democratic Party propaganda institutions can no longer be taken seriously. The propaganda system's aggressive support for Obama, a Bush clone, has not only made it into a laughing stock but has convinced us that the left can produce its own George W. Bush. Only Democrats and fools read newspapers or watch televised news.

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