Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Otis Jennings for Syracuse Mayor

I received this message from the New York State Republican Liberty Caucus:

Corey Mitchell sent a message to the members of Otis Jennings For Mayor of Syracuse.

Subject: Urgent requset for massive volunteer outreach

To All Volunteers & Otis for Mayor2009 Supporters:

Thanks to the encouragement that many of you provided, Otis is on his way towards being elected Mayor of Syracuse. It has been a long, hard road, but we are making progress! We need your assistance again to ensure that this becomes a reality!

Otis is going door to door to drop off literature & meet the community in designated neighborhoods. We need a team to go out and distrubute literature packets for Otis every day this week and the weeks coming up prior to Otis going door to door so the people will have it before he gets there. It is fine if you want to volunteer for specific days or whatever. Please let us know when you are available. We really need you and are counting on you all to help.

We need to have at least 2 people go out with Otis in the evenings from like 4:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m when he goes knocking on doors in the specific neighborhoods. Please email or call us as soon as you can as this will be a very intense effort prior to the Primary date in September!

On behalf of Otis Jennings and his team, we thank you all in advance for your assistance in these very important matters.

Corey Mitchell
Office Manager
Otis Jennings foir Mayor 2009

Connie Collins
Volunteers Coordinator
Otis Jennings for Mayor 2009
phone: Home: 849-4290
Work phone: 446-3403

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Anonymous said...

So do you endorse Mr. Jennings or do you not endorse Mr. Jennings?