Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Michael Moore's Racist Stereotyping of Barack Obama

Michael Moore posted this on his blog. Note the racist stereotyping whereby all African Americans, including the President, are basketball players.

>A Message from Michael Moore

Dear GOP:

That is so cool! I knew you guys were more than just all Lee Greenwood and Pat Boone. Let me expand on my remarks.

You see, Obama is LeBron and you are the Clippers. The Clippers know that LeBron is going to fake right and go left, but it doesn't matter — they're still the Clippers and he's LeBron and he's going to make the basket. Even if he shouted at the Clippers as he's coming down the court, "hey, I'm gonna fake right and go left when I get to the basket," they still aren't going to stop him. And you, the GOP, are not going to stop Obama...Now, what do you know about Obama's hook shot?

– Michael Moore

As I have previously blogged, the most racist element of American society today is white "progressives" who mostly live in wealthy urban enclaves; exclusive suburbs; and all-white university towns. Moore, who claims to be a working class citizen of Flynt, Michigan, actually owns an apartment on Manhattan's exclusive Upper West Side, just two blocks from Zabar's, the deli where you can buy excellent cheeses at very low prices. I suspect Moore visits them often.

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