Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Democrats' and Republicans' Impoverishment Plans

The Democrats have this impoverishment plan:

1. Teach children that production of wealth is immoral while taxation is moral.

2. Tax output of productive Americans and redistribute it to the wealthy-–George Soros, Long Term Capital Management, Bear Stearns, the Washington nomenclatura, university professors and Keynesian economists.

3. Tell the poor that you are acting in their interest because of your “conscience”. Develop a social security and medicare plan that redistributes wealth inter-generationally from low wage earner to low wage earner. When it fails, institute a rationing scheme, call it “national health insurance” and raise the social security retirement age.

4. Convince Americans that receiving $180,000 in social security benefits for $200,000 in out-of-pocket contributions is a good deal. Convince Americans that health care in Cuba at $250 per year is better than in America.

5. Set interest rates at zero so that middle income people cannot save and induce them to invest in the stock market at inflated prices. Further ensure that middle income people cannot save by taxing incomes, property, inheritance, capital gains and sales.

6. Allocate freshly printed money (created to reduce interest rates to zero) to unproductive Wall Street, banking, hedge fund and corporate executives, insuring that wage earners will pay higher prices for milk while hedge fund managers buy $30 million houses in Greenwich, Connecticut and the Dakotas. Facilitate this process through subsidization of the stock and real estate markets, repeatedly inducing long term “sucker rallies”.

7. Convince Americans that taxation of 50% of your income is too little for the same level of services that used to be provided at 10% of your income.

8. Increase tax rates most on innovative and harder working Americans and transfer their money to Democratic contributors.

But the Republicans also have an impoverishment plan.

1. Read and parrot all Democratic Party information sources such as the New York Times and CNN.

2. Never repeal the Democrats’ impoverishment plan.

3. Do not educate Americans as to the effects of the Democrats’ impoverishment plan.

4. When elected, spend more than Democrats.

5. Declare a national emergency and emphasize the need to transfer even more printed money to unproductive, wealthy interests six weeks before the presidential election.


Anonymous said...

Our leaders in Washington must seriously consider new and innovative policies that promote a better, more confident, prosperous, and secure America in the 21st century. One of the things I think we can do to help make that happen is support American businesses and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce (http://bit.ly/oanAT). They're doing things to reach out and show people that they can get involved, too.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr.Langbert:
Two points:
1) Every American citizen is guaranteed emergency room care even if they cannot afford it. That is socialized medicine.
2) Rationing takes place today by faceless employees of insurance companies. It happens, Dr. Langbert, whether you like it or not.

I would prefer an intelligent discussion on the subject rather than the "death panels" approach that we are seeing recently.

Mitchell Langbert said...

Yes, well when I try to discuss intelligently you do not respond. You parrot the Democratic party propaganda without responding to my points. So what kind of argument interests you? Parroting the Democratic newspapers? Or responding to what I am saying about innovation and centralized control? Stop drooling, start debating.