Friday, July 24, 2009

Reader Complains of Obama Bots Sabotaging This Blog

Famed blogger Doug Ross recommends:

>Probably an Internet Explorer issue. Would recommend the Firefox browser for that person...

With all due respect to Bill Gates, I have been using Mozilla Firefox (download for free here) because Facebook loads much, much better with it. It is a difference of an order of magnitude. Microsoft is going to have to work hard to catch up.

Does anyone have a similar problem?

>Mr. Langbert,
I've been closely following the Obama ineligibility issue for quite awhile and I'm now finally writing to inform you -- although you may be aware of it already -- that your blog is often (frustratingly) inaccessible.

What happens is that I click on your blogspot in my Favorites list and am taken to it. However, after a mere few seconds a small window then pops up stating that the web page is not accessible. I then literally have to click OK, then close the entire window and open a fresh window to keep surfing the web. If I try to just open a new tab I am unable to do so; as mentioned, I have to close the window with your front page and then open a fresh new window.

A moment ago I was able to access your blog and this didn't happen (it does happen more times than not) and so took the opportunity to search for your email address so that I could inform you of this situation.

Has anyone else written to you about this? The exact same thing, I believe, used to happen when I would access Orly Taitz's old website (but no longer occurs with her new website.)

Take care and please continue your efforts in trying to get to the truth about Obama.


Anonymous said...

This happens to me. If when you get that little notice you X it out and try again, sometimes it will work correctly.

Greg Goss said...

I am regular visitor to this blog and have never experienced a problem.

Try a free version of Adaware and or Spybot. Run them and see what happens.

The other thing you may to try is switching to FireFox.

cachito said...

There are certain web sites where I need to use Opera rather than IE, but Mitchell's site isn't one of them.

I also have Firefox installed so I can check the display of web pages in three browsers.

When I run Firefox, a message box pops up asking me if I would like to make Firefox my default browser.

I always click on no. I'd click on 'hell no' if it was an option.