Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Does Congressman Maurice Hinchey (D, NY-22) Support the Obama Plan to Murder Your Grandma?

I have sent the following secure e-mail to the Honorable Maurice Hinchey, Congressman of the Gerrymandered 22nd Congressional district.

Dear Congressman Hinchey:

I oppose the current health care bill. However, this inquiry concerns three related questions: (1) whether Congressman Hinchey has read the Obama health care proposal; (2) whether he believes that voting for a potentially incompetently drafted bill that he has not read fulfills his duties as an elected official; and (3) whether Congressman Hinchey supports the provision in the bill, noted by Dr. Betsy McCaughey in the New York Post, that encourages health policy makers to prevent the elderly from receiving care, i.e., that encourages murder or the elderly to die without care?

I am posting a copy of this e-mail on my blog,

There is a rumor flying around the Internet that few if any Congressmen have read the Obama health care proposal. This is because of a recorded statement on Youtube by Congressman Conyers to that effect. I would like to clear the air on this question:

Has Congressman Hinchey read the current health care proposal? I would appreciate your direct written response to this question.

According to the Youtube video of Congressman Conyers, no Congressman has read the bill because it is impossible to do so. Yet, the Democrats aim to pass the law anyway.

If that is the case, do you believe that you would be acting competently in voting for a complex bill of supreme importance that you have not read?

Again, I would appreciate your direct written response to this question. Do you believe that you are acting competently in voting for a complex bill that you have never read?

Third, Betsy McCaughey recently wrote in the New York Post that the Obama proposal includes a provision that would require health policy makers to ask doctors to counsel elderly patients that they are better off dying than receiving care. President Obama's "murder grandma" proposal is obviously essential to his claim that the proposal will reduce health costs. While there may be gains from providing coverage to the uninsured because they can obtain earlier treatment, the expansion of coverage will also stimulate demand in the absence of rationing provisions. I have not read the bill, but there is no doubt in my mind that rationing is essential to cost reduction claims( if indeed costs are reduced, which will be a surprise to me given the widespread incompetence in Washington with respect to even the most elementary managerial problems).

I repeat. Would you please send me a clearly written letter (another concept that is generally alien to the inept Washington culture) outlining your answers to these three questions:

1. Has Congressman Maurice Hinchey read the Obama health care bill?

2. If not, does Congressman Hinchey believe that in voting for a bill that he has not read and does not understand that he is fulfilling his duties as a Congressman to his constituents?

3. What is Congressman Hinchey's position on rationing provisions in the bill, including the "murder-your-grandma" provision?


Mitchell Langbert, Ph.D.


Aryn Gabai said...

To be honest, Mr Langbert, I do not know if you are someone who cares about this issue, but considering the intended impact of your blog, I think you might.

In the recent years, I am aghast at how unresponsive it is that Americans do not step up and identify the outrageous things that have been done in the name of "American democracy".

For some perspective, this article in the NY Times describes how many sources of power in Iran, the people, the judiciary and the government officials all cry how the treatment of detanies is a threat to the existence of their freedom and the existence of their government. (

And yet, when Americans can be arrested, detained, and have even been tortured, then released as completely innocent, society remains unwilling to identify the accused.

What does it say about American democracy that Iran holds better examples for the defense of individual freedom?

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr. Langbert:
Look at the lies that you are spreading.

The Invsetors Business Daily says that
"People such as scientist Stephen Hawking wouldn't have a chance in the U.K., where the National Health Service would say the life of this brilliant man, because of his physical handicaps, is essentially worthless"

Hawking was born in the UK, is a British citizen, and lives in England. He is 67 years old.

The right wing has gone nuts.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr. Langbert:
Talk about killing grandma. Please read this interview with the Senator from Georgia. At least have an honest debate.