Friday, April 10, 2009

"Obama Reaches Out to Moderate Pirate Community"

H/t Larwyn. The Exurban League blog carries the following:

"After maintaining his silence for two days, President Obama will soon make his first public statement about the pirate attack upon an U.S.-flagged vessel off the Horn of Africa. After several inquiries and a few well-placed bribes, Exurban League has received an early transcript of the President's remarks:

"...Since the pirates are still holding the captain, I have sent FBI negotiators to facilitate his safe and speedy release. I assure his friends and family that I will not stop until this man-made disaster is resolved in a peaceful, tolerant and ecologically-sound manner."

Read the whole thing here.


Barry Bullets said...

Obama reached out, and put some bullets in their heads. He is fair but firm.

Also note "The Exurban League blog" story is phony. I know some Obama haters are stupid enough to think it is legit like they fell for "Military to Pledge Oath To Obama, Not Constitution" or "Obama born in Kenya" jokes.

Anonymous said...

"Obama is making a major mistake in not forcefully outlining the rules of civilization for dealing with pirates. We look weak."

I guess Newt Gingrich reads your blog and fell for this story! That's his twitter before Obama had the pirates killed.

Mitchell Langbert said...

Yes, it is very important to be fair to pirates. Obama is a true military genius. Almost as smart as Chris Matthews.