Thursday, April 23, 2009

Just Say No to Perez Hilton

I have written the following e-mail to the Miss USA Beauty Pageant. I have been subjected to the kind of harassment in academia that now raises its head in Miss USA and Kitco. It is critical that Americans voice their opposition to the offensive harrassment of heterosexuals in which the left is engaging.

I am personally offended by Perez Hilton's question to Carrie Prejean, Miss California. I firmly believe in beauty pageants, as most supporters of gay marriage probably do not. But I oppose ideological litmus tests, which most supporters of gay marriage seem to support. Perez Hilton saw fit to impose an ideology on contestants: the ideology of homosexual marriage. This is offensive. If everything offensive is a form of discrimination, then Hilton discriminated against Prejean and your pageant is unfair. The leftists in Hollywood might think themselves clever, but their ugly discrimination against conservatives puts them on the same level as those who formulated blacklists in the 1950s. Perez Hilton is an ugly thug, and you should be ashamed of yourselves for allowing a bigot to be one of your judges. I have stopped paying to watch movies because of Hollywood's moronic, left-wing views. The thought that anyone who disagrees with the moronic, left-wing ideas of Spielberg and Hilton cannot find work disgusts me. You need to clean house.


Anonymous said...

Carrie Prejean is RIGHT!
Perez Hilton is A JOKE!

#1 - Carrie is FULLY allowed by law to have personal views and she did NOT force her views on anyone or say anything derogatory about gays or gay marriage, she just said it's not the way she sees marriage and thats 100% FINE.

#2 - Perez Hilton on the other hand DESCRIMINATED againt Carrie because he didn't like her beliefs. He FORCED his beliefs on her, and now everyone else via his tirades, and that is NOT acceptable regardless of what the beliefs are.

#3 - Perez Hilton HAS BROKEN THE LAW by admittedly discriminating against Carrie and denying her the crown because he's gay and she didn't say what he wanted her to in support of that.

#4 - Why on EARTH would the pageant have had Perez Hilton, a man INCAPABLE of NOT causing BS, be a host in the first place?? He makes a living by talking trash and making fun of people!!

Perez not only broke the law, he's turned the pageant into a farce at the same time.

Anonymous said...

I concur, the question had no place in a beauty pagent, after all, none of us are gaping at those chicks 'cause they got an MBA.
As for your rant, it's like the 'pot-kettle' thing. You can't be slamming 'bigots' and then make a blanket statement like "moronic left-wing"...there is no greater bigotry than lumping a whole class of 'others' together as if they were a single thing. Besides, labels are for those who can't think beyond narrow constrictions.

Joe Bubel said...

You are so right on this Mitch. This has been such a deep hypocracy displayed by the left, that just makes my head spin, and blood pressure spike. For a group, built on the foundation of inclusion and acceptance, tollerance, and 'judgement-free' ideology, they are more HATEFUL and DIVISIVE than most religious fanatical groups on the planet. The mark of Facism and Bigotry can be found sqarely on those groups who claim to be everything but. Perez Hilton has got to be one of the most hateful individual, second only to Rosie.

In America, we are free to EXPRESS any opinions, without fear of persecution. Government or Social. Black listing individuals for their points of view, for EITHER SIDE! is unAmerican and shows a level of COWARDNESS these people have. UNABLE to defend their ideology, they resort to character assasination.

Mitch, this just makes me sick, and I thank you for raising my BP.

athul b. nair said...

It is a well known fact that homosexuality was always there in history. But in later stage it became unacceptable by many. Becoming a Gay or Lesbian is inborn and it is controlled by their hormones. They are helpless. As we get attracted towards the opposite sex they get attracted towards same sex due to the brain pattern and hormone release.Should Gay Marriage Legalized? . As we can never imagine to have sex with the same sex the homosexuals cant imagine to do it with the opposite. As we got the right to marriage, they should also get the same as they are also humans. The pressure from certain group should be ignored as they always have a narrow minded approach. Should Gay Marriage Legalized?Think and behave like a human being and fight for human rights.

Mitchell Langbert said...

Dear Anonymous who wrote

"As for your rant, it's like the 'pot-kettle' thing. You can't be slamming 'bigots' and then make a blanket statement like "moronic left-wing"...there is no greater bigotry than lumping a whole class of 'others' together as if they were a single thing."

Dear Anonymous, you are wrong because the ideas that the left advocates are moronic. It is like saying "those who advocate a flat earth are not morons, there are intelligent among them." But the concept of a flat earth is moronic because it violates easily verified empirical evidence.

The left advocates several ides that are easily verified to be false. These include:

centralized economic planning and government can produce economic progress

the use of the state to redistribute wealth is compatible with freedom

the state is not corrupt

These ideas are moronic. Yet without them there would be no left wing ideology. Hence, it is fair to call the left moronic. They are advocates of a flat earth. And a medieval one.

So you are the one making blanket statements. Not all accusations of a group's being moronic are wrong. That's an overgeneralization.

In the 1930s the left oversaw the murder and starvation of tens of millions of Ukrainian and Russian victims. Yet liberal media sources like the New York Times lied and the left believed them. They were morons.

In the 1960s Mao's Red Guard murdered and oppressed millions, yet John Kenneth Galbraith wrote in the New York Times in 1972 about the wonders of the Chinese system. By then, the communist government had murdered over 20 million people, but the left supported Mao. Many readers and the editors of the New York Times obviously believed Galbraith. They were morons.

To call the left moronic is not an overgeneralizaton. The centralized economic planning that caused mass murder that far exceeded Hitler's and the Nazis' is the chief nostrum that the moronic left has ever had on offer.

And when socialism failed, what did the left do?

It continued to offer socialism.

Yes, you are overgeneralizing. It is appropriate to call a movement of morons morons.

Anonymous said...

Langbert, you're confused. The guy who wrote that post is a gay activist. He simply lied. Aren't you used to the left yet, especially after that other guy who kept posting that he was for McCain but turned out to really be for Obama. They just lie because the left lacks any moral foundation. That's why, for the same reason, they do not bother themselves with the 150 million or so human beings whom their ideas have murdered.

Langbert, wake up. When a leftist lies, don't take them seriously. Calling leftists morons is a case of "bigotry"? That's hilarious. The guy's a gay activist.

Nomad said...

Miss California's got cahones for answering the question honestly. The end result is that she's more popular (or at least well known) now than she would have been if she had won