Monday, March 16, 2009

Howard S. Katz's Poem for March 8

Howard S. Katz has preceded his current newsletter with this poem:

A sadder man you’ll never see
Than Don Quixote Bernanke.
The only thing that he does know
Is how to print a lot of dough.

He’s striding all about the town
Not knowing whether up is down.
He fights “Depression” it is said.
“Depression” is all in his head.

Dear Bernanke, may I be bold?
Suggest you view the price of gold.
The thing to know, before you sup,
The price of gold is going up.

And that’s a signal, if you’re wise,
That all the prices – gonna rise.
And then the country will be poor,
No goods to buy at local store.

You’re bailing out the ultra-rich
And leaving country in the ditch.
I’ve said to you, you are a cad.
Cause printing money’s very bad.

No, this is point you do not know.
One can’t get rich by printing dough.
So turn your policy around
And give us money that is sound.

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