Thursday, January 29, 2009

Jesse Petrilla's "Seeds of Liberalism"

Jim Crum e-mailed about Jesse Petrilla's "Seeds of Liberalism" in Frontpagemag. Petrilla traveled to France to learn the effects of political correctness and terrorism on the French population. Apparently, extremist youth are keeping the French captive in their own country. Petrillo argues that France's "problems were brought on by their leftist politicians who feel the need to push socialist and other leftist policies." As well, the French government routinely suppresses free speech due to political correctness and fear:

"It saddened me to see that the conservative movement was truly underground there, for fear of reprisals from employers or angry leftists."

"The most troubling item we learned when speaking with local leaders and law enforcement is the existence of no-go zones around Paris and around other European cities. They are Islamic neighborhoods where police absolutely refuse to enter, and where if you are not a Muslim and you are caught driving through it you will have bricks thrown at your car and may not make it out alive."

There is a considerable degree of overt anti-Semitism among the insurgents, including the murder of Jews that the French government allows to occur repeatedly and with impunity. Amsterdam looks better on the surface, but the future of Holland is that it is going to become an Islamic Sharia state within a generation or two. Geert Wilders, whom Petrilla interviewed, said that the situation is "100 times as bad" as you think. As in France, freedom of speech is prohibited in Holland:

"Mr. Wilders was just brought up on charges the day after we met with him on grounds of inciting hate speech for his producing of the factual film called Fitna, which discussed the ideologies behind our Islamic extremist enemies."

Sharia Law is being enforced and corporal punishment is occurring in various Dutch neighborhoods. Dutch law is being bypassed by kanagroo religious courts.

The best I can assess from Mr. Petrillo's article is that self-destructive fools and cowards run western Europe. It is no longer a place of interest as a tourist destination, and it would seem to me that the days of western Europe's importance as a military ally and trading partner are numbered. If Petrilla's description is accurate, within two generations Holland and France will no longer be part of the western world. By then, of course, the United States will have significantly reduced its own power through economic and monetary incompetence as well. Conservatives who smugly watched George Bush and the Republican Party pursue inflationist subsidies to corrupt banking and Wall Street interests would do well to keep in mind that military strength depends on economic health, and the Republicans under Bush put many nails in the coffin of the nation's economic future, preferring to subsidize incompetently run big businesses to freeing up the economy from regulation, excessive taxation and government spending. The Bush-Obama "bailout plan" and the Bernanke Fed have been destructive of the nation's future. This interacts with military options in the future. The Republicans have done as much to facilitate the decline of the West as the "liberals" have.

The current situation cries for a new American revolution that wrests control of the nation from the self-destruction "progressive" media and the banking interests who now control the nation and the federal government.

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Anonymous said...


Indeed, it now clear that the USA is in desperate need of a
Tea Party 2.

We are all aware of many WWW patriots, revealing books, articles, etc., but where do we go from here???

--We must choose our battles carefully and maintain our founding principles.

--Citizens are ENTITLED to a clean, election process -- let us never have another election like that of 2008.

Folks, we have much to protect and defend!