Sunday, January 4, 2009

Chicago Tribune Writer Calls Chicrats, Obama Administration "Freak Show"

Bob Robbins (also h/t Larwyn) just forwarded a link to Citizen Wells who discusses John Kass's blog. Kass writes for the Chicago Tribune. A Chicagoan named Sue asked whether Blago gives him "material" on Obama and Papa Kass replies:

"As our esteemed governor has famously said, this thing is 'bleeping golden.' But the Illinois political freak show is not a gift to me. I offer it nobly and without charge, as a gift to America. Because, finally, despite all the willful cheerleading of national media types who prattled cherubically about the new Camelot, Americans are finally realizing that Chicago politics is no fairy tale...

"So when the freak show comes to Washington next week and political hack Roland 'I'm a tool of the people' Burris is denied entry to the Senate, and the national political class shrieks in fake outrage and Blagojevich surrounds himself with African-American ministers and he sings 'Let my people go!' remember who could have stopped all this: Obama, Madigan, Daley and the Illinois Democrats."

Well, yeah. Of course, CNN didn't want to know about this back in August.

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