Sunday, December 28, 2008

Andrew Jackson on the Second Bank of the United States

"Money is power."

-President Andrew Jackson
Quoted in Richard McCormick, "The Discovery that Business Corrupts Politics".

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bvw said...

McCormick's Dad was a great man and a beloved lecturer in history. The son seems to be taking some steps to re-tie Rutgers to it's New Jersey roots, which is good. I'd recommend the son look to the Virginia Schools for ideas in returning (1) in loco parentis to student life and (2) the duty of faculty is first to their students, and last to the faculty careers and the university as a business.

But ... the schools have become the foundations, the egg-masses, the worm-nests of marxism. of socialist progressivism, of social deconstructionism and post-radical libertine-ism. Can even the most earnest of conservatives in academia change that?