Sunday, September 21, 2008

Contrairimairi on Barack Obama's Involvement in the Sub-Prime Crisis

It occurred to me that we are missing the boat on just how bad BO's involvement in the fannie and freddie scandal really is.
Everyone keeps saying that Christopher Dodd received more money than BO, and he did. The point they are missing, Chris Dodd WAS in the Senate for all 20 of the years they investigated. Chris Dodd did NOT receive more money from fannie and freddie than BO did. BO attached himself so well to the "inside track" from these people, (maybe because he was tightening affiliations with Raines and Johnson for later) that in just three of the 20 years they counted, BO was so far over the top in funds from fannie and freddie, it almost makes one think there should be an investigation into what else was going on between him and freddie and fannie's higher ups! Wonder if the "papers" are missing. There must be some type of correspondence. Think BO put them away with all the rest of the papers he can't seem to find?
Despite his "protests" to the former CEO's receiving golden parachutes, can we tell if he even TRIED to stop it? My answer to that "smell test" would probably be a, "NO!" We have all seen how many times his mouth is saying one thing, but dealing under the table he is doing something entirely different.
I am having a very difficult time understanding how he made so much money from fannie and freddie in such a very short time. When things surrounding BO stink......they REALLY stink!

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